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Reviews for Indie Authors


I've decided to start reviewing books for other Indie Authors like myself...yea, like I need to take anything else on, lol.  But, I notice a lot of Book Blogs refusing to review for Indie writers and it just irritates me.  They are missing out on a lot of great books.  So watch this space for Indie Reviews, just for us!  We will rise!  This will soon become a review page and I'll have my policies on a sub-page, but for now find my Review Policy below, before you submit a request.

Review Policy:me.

  • First and foremost, I will ONLY review work by Independent Publishers.  If you've been published by a House, believe me, you're most likely getting plenty of help, lol.

  • Please, Indies, we sometimes get a bad rap for editing flaws.  I don't mind a few, but please make sure the text is well edited, as that will be a part of my review (I did at one time study to be an English teacher just so you know!).  My own book has  been professionally edited, so I know how important this element is for your book

  • If you would like for me to review your book, please contact me via email at: Include author name and title, a blurb about your book, a link to wherever the book is being sold and information about what format you will be providing.  I will accept Epub, Mobi or print copies.   I can also offer any print copies recieved as a giveaway on my site, if you like.

  • I will publish reviews on Amazon or Goodreads, both if you have your book listed in both places 

  • Please be patient.  I work full time, plus am trying to write the sequels to my books, while trying to market my baby, Rising Tide.  I will respond you to and get your review up, but it will admittedly take me a bit of time




























5 Blood Drops - Addicting like blueblood!  I would recommend this read to anyone and was kept up far past my bedtime, as I couldn't put it down!

4 Blood Drops - Very good.  It would definitely tear me away from the vampire movie I have playing on Netflix & keep me coming back for more!

3 Blood Drops - It was good.  Maybe it wasn't my favorite type, exactly, but the writing held up and I was definitely able to finish.  It wasn't fangtastic, but it wasn't horrible either!

2 Blood Drops - It was okay.  I enjoyed it about as much as, say, a vamp would enjoy blood gone cold.  I could get it down, but it was a bit hard to swallow!

1 Blood Drop - Couldn't finish.  Would not recommend...makes me want to walk out into the sunlight...uggghhh!

My Rating System:

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