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Behind Every Great Writer Should Be Four Insanely Cute Bunnies: Meet the Furry Melansons

Updated: May 6, 2019

Click each main bun picture for their Facebook pages

Tegan –

Age: 5 years

Birthday: February 16

Color: Grey & White

Breed: English Spot Unknown Mix

Favorite Food: Banana

Favorite Activity: Getting Dad pets on the bed in the morning

Dislike: Doing Teggie Airlines (being carried), The baby crawling all over me, Getting my nails clipped

Favorite Toy: Stuffed Hippo

Nicknames: Teggie Feet, Teggie of Great North, Tee-gan, Buddy, Suckater

Signature Move: Shark Mouth (rolling over on my blankie in front of the fireplace and sticking out my chin—looks like a shark’s mouth)

Teggie’s Story in his own words:

I can’t remember my first home, because it was too traumatic! I just remember the day my mom came to get me at the shelter. I crawled all over her because I was desperate for her to take me home. I had a torn ear and when my dad would talk, I’d run into the corner and cower and shake. I was afraid for a long while. I did get to meet Cuddles and we loved each other at first sight…well, probably I was more in love than she. Over the months I learned that jumping on the bed earned me treats and pets and now it’s my favorite place to be. I’m the most affectionate of my foursome. I’ll take pets whenever I can get them and love to be brushed by Mom. I’m now very social and prefer Dad’s pets to Mom’s, and whenever we go to Bunfest every year, I like to jump out of the stroller onto the tables and see everyone. I’m very mellow and love relaxing in front of the fireplace or under my pine tree when in the backyard. I’m a sensitive guy and will run into our house and pout if someone hurts my feelings

Shark Mouth Dad Pets on the couch Teggie Feets

Pepper –

Age: 4 years (estimated)

Birthday: March 2

Color: Brown & White

Breed: English Spot Unknown Mix

Favorite Food: Banana

Favorite Activity: Getting into trouble, chasing the two smaller bunnies

Dislike: Mom kisses, staying in one spot for too long when full of vinegar

Favorite Toy: The wicker, basket playhouse I decimated—which is sadly discontinued

Nicknames: Peppa-Noni, Noner, Pepsi, Trouble

Signature Move: The big hop—jumping up onto anything wide enough to stand on

Pepper’s Story in her own words:

My story was very nearly one of tragedy. Two years ago in December, I was dumped outside by whatever cruel owners I had at the time. I’m a frisky, adventurous girl who loves to test limits and get into trouble. This probably signed my death warrant for them. I very nearly froze/starved to death, but luckily, Rabbit Rescue in Canada found me in time. My mom still says how thankful she is I didn’t die out there with no food or shelter from the very cold winter. I was in a foster home when my new family came to see me. They had just lost their little girl of seven years and Teggie was depressed. Mom knew she had to do something to cheer him up. We all got along when we were introduced, but once I arrived at my new home, I got very stressed out. I cried and thumped as I ran around in confusion wondering where I had ended up now. Tegan didn’t like this and jumped away from Dad and attacked me. We fought bitterly for the next couple of weeks during bonding sessions, even drawing blood! But you wouldn’t know it now. We became the best of friends, and I learned that humans mean love, pets, good food and cozy shelter—complete with warm blankies and all the toys I can chew! Before I realized I had a forever home, I used to try to eat all the food at once, eating like I would never have food again. My mom thinks this is because I nearly starved to death. I have an explosive personality and like to chase my two smaller siblings, but I finally have a family who understands my need to just be an energetic bunny…and I’m very happy in my forever home.

Sticking Feets thru Relaxin Waiting for pets on the bun bed

Butters –

Age: 3 years

Birthday: January 11

Color: Brown, Black & White

Breed: Holland Lop

Favorite Food: Banana

Favorite Activity: Rooting through the new hay to find the best pieces

Dislike: Being told no, being brushed, not getting to do what I want

Favorite Toy: Plastic Stackie Cups

Nicknames: Bean, Beenie-Weenie, Butter Bean, Navy Bean, Buttery Butt, Peanut

Signature Move: Sideways Binky down the hallway

Butters’ Story in his own words:

Both me and my sister, Beckett, were very lucky. We never knew much human cruelty. My mom doesn’t like getting rabbits from a breeder, but she saw my picture online when searching for unwanted rabbits on Kijiji, and came to check it out. Believe me…we were both rescued from that place. Mom wanted a female, hoping it would be a good grooming companion for Cuddles, who was getting older. She also thought another baby might ease the pain of Cuddles’ inevitable passing. The breeder was trying to get rid of me, because I was 3 months old and less likely to be adopted than the new babies he had. When he took me out and handed me to Mom and Dad, I cuddled in as close as I could. Dad fell in love with me immediately and Mom agreed I should go home with them, even though I was a boy. Turned out Cuddles wasn’t happy anyway, and I spent our bonding time crying from bites to my bum and running to Dad so I could hide in his lap. Eventually, I was accepted—by Tegan it was immediate—and grew into the stubborn little guy I am today. I’m quieter than the rest and love my alone time, although I do have my cuddly moments too. I get very excited over new hay in the litterbox and when we get sunflower seeds. Just this year, I started enjoying human hugs more and though stoic, love to throw my stackie cups and binky (jumping and twisting in joy) around the house to show my parents I love my life—away from the cold breeder shed with its cruel wire-bottom cage.

In the witterbox Hugs Snugglin

Beckett –

Age: 1 year

Birthday: November 11

Color: Brown, Black & White

Breed: Holland Lop & Lionhead Mix

Favorite Food: Banana

Favorite Activity: Being Teggie’s sidekick

Dislike: Being handled, being chased by Pepper

Favorite Toy: Froggy Pillow

Nicknames: Beckster, Beckakeet, Beckstolian, Baby Girl, Tweak

Signature Move: Chinning everything & spazzing out and running from anyone who gets too close (except Tegan)

Beckett’s Story in her own words:

Me and brother, Butters, actually have the same mom. Mom was concerned that Butters wasn’t spending much time with the two bigger bunnies and would go lie by himself a lot. She thought if she got him a little friend his own size, he might be more social. Mom & Dad actually came to get me on Butters’ birthday, so I was an extra present for him. He and I got along great at first, but then he followed Pepper’s lead and started bullying me. I ended up being a little shadow for Teggie. Mom & Dad got to me just in time. The breeder didn’t feed us any hay, which is essential for a rabbit’s digestive system—Mom educated him about that—and so when he took me out of the cage, I had runny poo and urine all over my legs. My fur is longer in places what with my Lionhead genes, so I had scald on my legs which had been neglected to be cleaned from my tummy troubles. Mom knew she had to get me home. In my new home I was amazed! It was warm and clean and Mom cuddled with me all night long, for weeks, in a blankie on the couch. I found there was wondrous hay to eat and it cleared up my tummy immediately. Mom trimmed my fur and kept me clean and I was all better in no time. Unfortunately, my bonding with Pepper was rough. Mom intervened and I never got more than a chomp on the bum, but Pepper continues to bully, and so I became a very skittish rabbit. If Mom is very still, I’ll come over and give her kisses and every once in a while I get held, but Mom hopes I’ll grow out of that. I am a very sweet, loving and intelligent bunny. Teggie became my best friend and I follow him everywhere. When we get treats, if he doesn’t want to get up, I’ll bring treats to him. I am the nursemaid of the group and clean everyone’s eyes and groom them with my little tongue. Even though Pepper likes to chase me at times, I love my new home and my friends and am glad my mom and dad saved me.

Feets on froggy pillow First pic ever Tube-in

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