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  • Claudette Melanson

The Writing Method

I’m sure every author, everywhere, has their own method to madness. Just like everyone has a preference for the way they clean their house or the food they eat, authors have a predilection for the elements of their own writing process. I am no different, and I’ve found that the conditions must be exactly right for me to be my most productive.

Sleep is a big one. Like many other writers, I don’t have the luxury of staying home and writing full time. I work 40 hours, plus 4 of mandatory overtime, out in the real world. This makes for a very long day, and with the other necessary evils, such as preparing food, shopping and doing the minimal chores necessary for clean clothes, bunny cages and dishes, there is very little time left for writing. I’m usually dead tired during the week—like a vampire forced to live during the day time—and admittedly don’t get much writing done Monday - Friday. But, making sure I can squeeze in at least 7 hours sleep makes turning out maybe a half chapter…sometimes more… on a weekday evening a greater possibility.

Weekends are, most of the time, a much more productive time to write. Sleeping in refreshes the brain and usually the first thought on my mind when I open my eyes Saturday morning is grabbing my laptop and working on that next book. Lately, with the publication of my first novel, though, I find it very easy to get distracted. Since I decided to go the self-publishing route, I’m also my own publicist. Not only do I have books to write, but I have one I need to sell too—so that hopefully, one day soon I can make writing my full-time occupation.

I’m very particular about my space too. I am bunmom to four bunbabies and I need them around me when I write. Each of my rabbits is so gentle and full of love, it puts my mind in in the right place for optimal writing. Just to clarify, Bunnies = Zen.

Coffee. Now this is a big one! There’s just something about a warm, inviting cup of coffee that just makes me feel like a writer. We’re ketogenic eaters, so I add a tablespoon of MCT oil and grass-fed butter to mine, along with a raw egg yolk from pastured hens, found on a farm in our little Ontario town. Of course you have to make this concoction with a Magic Bullet, or other small blender, for the consistency to be right, just FYI. I find this drink really energizes and comforts, setting the stage for some quality writing!

Lastly—noise. I don’t know what it is about me, but I cannot stand quiet. I know that most other people crave quiet to be able to concentrate, but I’ve always been the opposite. In college, I could never study without the TV or radio on. While reading a book, even, there must be some background noise. I’m not sure exactly why this is, but I can’t even go to sleep in a quiet room, much less be able to write in one. Most of the time, I prefer music. All of my novels have a playlist, usually a song to match the tone of each chapter—I’ve discovered a lot of great, new music this way. But, I love having a good vampire or zombie movie on in the background while writing, too!

What’s your method to madness? What helps you create? I’d love to hear from other writers, artists and readers about your favorite creative atmosphere :)

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